7 Signs You May be a Sacred Clown

1) You have a robust spiritual flexibility:


You choose to do things others won’t, so you can continue doing things others cannot. You mix the sacred with the profane and mock the religiosity that gets caught up at any point in between. You’re the ultimate governor of transitions from one state to another. You have been called upon to reestablish the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world through the sacred art of metaphor and play.

2) You deflate the Ego and animate the Soul:

As the ego deflates, your soul blossoms. Your self-expression is your art, animating an otherwise inanimate world. Half-animal half-divine, Hermes-like and Mercurial, your feet are roots that dance and your frontal lobes are wings that fly.

At the end of the day, ego is the tool you use to leverage the universe and soul is the instrument you use to harmonize with the universe.

3) You embrace Uncertainty:

You have the ability to let go of certainty, understanding that the opposite of certainty isn’t uncertainty, but openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than to choose sides.

You have the uncanny ability to capitalize on your mistakes by making all stumbles, falls, or missteps a part of the overall sacred dance. You are Drunken Master. You are Jester Guru. Your duty is to crack open the hard shell of certainty to reveal the uncertain Godling softly blooming inside us all.

4) You have the ability to hold the tension between Opposites:

You have the ability to live between worlds, preferring the peripheral neither-nor to the limiting either-or. Your shadow is white; your halo is black. Both daemonic and shamanic, you blur boundaries and transform them into horizons.

You’re the infinite player tripping up the floundering finite players, because you understand that Reason operates in service to Imagination, not vice versa.

5) You promote radical egalitarianism and mock all tyranny:

As a sacred clown, you understand the necessary function of deflating the power dynamic of any system of human governance. You remind those in power of their own fallibility by planting memes, insurgent music, satire, and rebellious art like seeds into their fragile invulnerability.

Through your high-humor art, you count coup on any and all tyrannical systems.

6) You’re an amoral agent par excellence:

You amorally rebel; therefore, morality exists. You’re the medium, the go-between, the impossible bridge.

Your way of taking this immoral world seriously is to disrupt it amorally and then give it a moral form. You are the perennial Jesterado: a bold outlaw clown. You openly declare to the world, “You can have your moral high ground; I’ll stick with my amoral middle ground and astonish you all.”

7) You move between metaphor and reality by contrary means:

You understand that Metaphor is the ingredient added to the recipe of language that makes “the pen mightier than the sword.” It is a way of dreaming away from the world only to return with new knowledge (sacred elixir) in tow.

You are coyote & crow, fox & phoenix. You are the Trickster God personified. You are the Human Leitmotif. You are the Heyoka that subsumes all Heyokas.