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7 Qualities of Unconquerable Character

“Character is destiny.” ~Heraclitus

Character is forged in the crucible of adversity. Struggle is mere kindling. Those with great character have the courage to bask.

1.) Brutal self-honesty:

“It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.” ~Seneca

To be unconquerable by anything, you must be willing to lose everything.

This means surrendering to Cosmos, bowing at the feet of infinity, and honoring the unwritten law of the interconnected universe over the written law of disconnected man.

True wholeness demands brutal acceptance of your fractured nature. There is never a state in which you are not broken. In fact, you are never-not-broken. Your heart will always be going through the motions of breaking and healing. You will always be in a state of repair.

Becoming whole requires brutal self-honesty. It takes looking into the mirror and accepting everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. It takes embracing brokenness as a crucial aspect of wholeness. It takes digging down deep inside and admitting some terrible truths about yourself. It takes honoring your most dishonorable moments and giving up all hope for a better past.

2.) Soul-centric Humility:

“A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant.” ~Unknown

In an egocentric world that’s dead set on owning everything, a soul-centric perspective is a breath of fresh air.

Keep humility ahead of hubris. The ego has blinders on. The soul sees how everything is connected to everything else. Put your ego in the back seat. Strap it down. Let your soul take the wheel. It’s a mighty compass. Use it to guide you into a new way of being human in the world.

Set your teeth firmly into the pulp of experiencing the world as a fallible, imperfect, and gravely mistaken creature. You’re only human. Dig your humanness out of the muck and mire of your unreasonable expectations. Transcend seriousness.

3.) Fierce authenticity:

“In a world full of toxic positivity be authentic chaos.” ~Koko

Go full-frontal boss mode on what makes you come alive. There is nothing more authentic than doing what you love with gusto and aplomb. Be fierce. Be ruthless. Be love! Being love is falling in love with the human experience. It’s going all in. It’s going all the way.

Authenticity is sharpened mettle. It’s taking what makes you come alive and using the whetstone of experience to hone it into a sword of truth that clears all paths. The way becomes clear: the only way is to keep the way clear for the Truth Quest to unfold.

4.) Curious creativity:

“If you are not living in awe, you are not paying attention.” ~Rumi

Keep curiosity ahead of certainty. In a constantly changing universe, the only thing you can be certain of is that certainty is folly. Stay ahead of the curve by engaging the curve with curiosity.

Being curious rather than convinced will keep you flexible and adaptable. It will make you more open-minded in your search, more awestruck on your journey, more compassionate in dealing with others, and more capable of avoiding dogmatism, extremism, and xenophobia.

Most of all it will make you more creative, more imaginative, and more interested in carving good character out of what you can control while letting what you cannot control truly slide.

Your most essential humanness is buried inside you. Self-conquest is foremost a digging up of your humanness and then sculpting a healthy, beautiful, unconquerable character out of the base material.

5.) Undaunted perseverance:

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” ~Marcus Aurelius